New grain collaborations

A list and resource of Manitoulin and Northern Ontario-based suppliers, businesses, farms and designers that we are proud to work with. Feel free to reach out if you want to work on something together. 


The beef that we use comes exclusively from Grandview Farms, a family run operation that has been on Manitoulin since the 1880s. The Runnalls & Millers are dedicated and environmentally minded people that produce top-quality beef cattle that graze on beautiful Barrie Island. We have visited their herd and are proud to source our beef from Grandview Farms.


We source our produce, whenever possible, from this diverse, certified organic farm run by Peggy and Eric. Along with delicious vegetables, they offer organic eggs and pasture-raised chicken. Visit their farm market every Saturday to pick up quality local ingredients! 

Farmer Ted

Ted Smith runs a wonderful and unique property on Union Road, near Evansville and Spring Bay. The incredible wood-fired maple syrup that we use for our sticky buns comes from him, as well as a plethora of herbs and other delights such as the region-specific haskap jam we use in our charcuterie boxs available to order every Wednesday and Saturday. Check him out and visit his on-site market that takes place on Saturday every summer!

Nic's Farm & Vineyard

Nic is a regenerative farmer who, among many other things, runs an innovative "rent-a-row" opportunity on his stunning vineyard that overlooks Pike Lake. Along with other events to be announced, New Grain hosted an exclusive "harvest table" feast celebrating the grape harvest and the bounty of autumn (Sept-October 2021) at Nic's vineyard, with all components of the meal sourced from his farm. Our next event will be a Sugar Shack Feast March-April 2022. 

Mutchmor/Peace Cafe

During the summer months, New Grain delivers to Peace Cafe every Thursday. We are proud to have our products sold at one of Manitoulin's coolest spots to visit - Mutchmor in Providence Bay. Peruse the gallery by appointment in the off season, it features work by the Island's incredible artists that you can enjoy before strolling on one of Northern Ontario's most stunning beaches.


From black oyster to lion's mane and everything in between, we're blessed to have world class specialty mushroom cultivators based in Little Current. Whenever possible we order from Shane and Jaime, who run this incredible Manitoulin-based business. We are presently collaborating with them on a weekly market box that you can have delivered to your door! See our shop page for more details.


We supply house-made sandwiches using local ingredients to this fantastic micro-brewery from Tuesday to Friday during the summer months.
From June to October you can find our freshly made soft and salty pretzels with mustard on Saturday's! This brewery also happens to be located in the stunning Gore Bay marina, and across from the town's prized swim spot. Keep an eye out for other spontaneous collaborations that pair quality craft beer with freshly baked deliciousness.

Chemistry + Craft

Manitoulin-based maker and designer Mariana LaFrance, the mastermind behind this Island-based business has created a bespoke bread bag for New Grain. Labelled in binary and made from 100% organic cotton canvas, organic cotton thread, cotton twill tape and 100% Manitoulin beeswax. Each one is unique. Order yours on our shop page, or check out Chemistry and Craft's website.  

fromagerie kapuskoise

Artisanal cheese produced using methods similar to those in France. Fromagerie Kapuskoise is a highly regarded fromagerie that makes incredible cheeses with discernment and care. They source the milk for their cheeses from single-origin farms and are creating some of the best cheese in Canada. The cheeses that we sell as part of our charcuterie box and portioned from the wheel come exclusively from them. They do deliver sample packs and we highly recommend trying one. 

The Cultured Club

Located in Sault Ste. Marie, The Cultured Club makes some of the most delicious fermented products we have ever tasted. Their kimchi is spicy, gingery, and full of tender napa cabbage. Perfect with a bowl of rice, a soft-boiled egg or on its own! Their dill pickle sauerkraut, which we also carry, would taste great on anything that benefits from a top quality sour pickle (i.e. pretty much anything). Crunchy without tasting "raw", tangy without being over the top, and absolutely alive with health-giving properties: you need to try these products! (Both items are vegan friendly and made with love!) 

manitoulin media

If you've got a website that needs updating, or require a new one, contact Manitoulin Media. They offer a fast and environmentally friendly system for website design, as well as top quality customer collaboration, making sure that your business is represented the way you want it to be.