New Grain Bread Bag

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Storing bread so that it stays soft for as long as possible is key - so is being able to reuse ♻️ your bag when buying bread in order to eliminate the use of paper bags for so many bread orders. An excellent gift for Christmas - pre-order now and yours will be ready from December 15th!

Each one of these handmade bags, numbered in binary and unique to each other, is made from 100% organic cotton canvas, organic cotton thread, cotton twill tape and best of all - pure Manitoulin beeswax. Made by Chemistry + Craft on Island with talent and skill.

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Need it Catered?

We provide catering for dinner parties upon special request. We can work with you to provide a tailor-made menu or you can trust in us to deliver you a handmade bespoke meal that you won’t find anywhere else. A real treat for any special occasion. Please contact us for further details, booking in advance is essential.