Fromagerie Kapuskoise-Artisan Cheese Box

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$ 16.00

Two 140g portions of premium cheese from Fromagerie Kapuskosie. The first is a young Saganash cheese, the second a Mattagami. The Saganash resembles something more like a pecornio and would be delicious on salads and as garnish to pasta dishes or to eat as part of a cheese board. The second is more reminiscent of cheddar, and would be great in a grilled cheese or mac and cheese. It would also be a stellar addition to your cheese board. 

Expertly crafted in Kapuskasing with skill and tradition, we love this cheese. There is no cheese available on the Island like this so get it at New Grain, a real treat from skilled producers in Northern Ontario. 

Need it Catered?

We provide catering for dinner parties upon special request. We can work with you to provide a tailor-made menu or you can trust in us to deliver you a handmade bespoke meal that you won’t find anywhere else. A real treat for any special occasion. Please contact us for further details, booking in advance is essential.