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Thursday delivery (market box)
  • Thursday delivery (market box)
Market box add ons
Free Range Eggs $ 6.50
Add Greens pack (two extra greens) $ 9.00
Add Root Veg (two extra root veg) $ 9.00
Squash pack (two extra squash) $ 9.00
Fromagerie Kapuskoise Cheese $ 16.00
Add Extra Loaf $ 8.00
Add bagels $ 12.00
$ 40.00
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In collaboartion with Heartwood Mushrooms and Three Forks Farms. You can order your Market Box full of healthy and delicious options from island based producers every week, or as often as you would like! We will deliver the Market Box straight to your door every Thursday, island wide - for FREE!

Each box consists of : a hearty mixed portion of organic Three Forks veg that will vary weekly. A 1/2 lb box of exquisite Heartwood Mushrooms, grown at their facility in Little Current; we have travelled far and wide and these mushrooms have impressed us so much. Also included in the box is a speciality loaf of New Grain sourdough bread.

If you or a member of your family have any requests concerning allergies (to seeds for example, which may be used in bread) let us know and we will be happy to meet your needs. 

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We received our first Market Box this week and it was amazing! Everything was perfect in every way: fresh, delicious and delivered right to our door. We used all of the ingredients to make our dinner and couldn’t get over the quality and the freshness. We are so lucky to have this available to us on Manitoulin. We’ll definitely be ordering whenever possible.

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We provide catering for dinner parties upon special request. We can work with you to provide a tailor-made menu or you can trust in us to deliver you a handmade bespoke meal that you won’t find anywhere else. A real treat for any special occasion. Please contact us for further details, booking in advance is essential.